Warranty Policy :

All BELKIN products are warranted for 2 years.
All CRUCIAL SSDs are warranted for 1 year.
 All CRUCIAL RAMs are warranted for 1 year.

All HIKVISION SSDare warranted for 3 years.
All HIKVISION USB Flash Drives are warranted for 5 years.
All KINGSTON Memory Cards are life time warranted.
All KINGSTON USB Flash Drives are warranted for 5 years.
All KINGSTON RAMs are warranted for 5 years.
All KINGSTON SSDs are warranted for 3 years.

All SAMSUNG SSDs are warranted for 1 year.


Internal BarraCuda HDDs are warranted for 2 years.
Internal Surveillance HDDs are warranted 100% for 2 years and 50% declined credit for the third year.
Internal NAS HDDs are warranted 100% for 2 years and 50% declined credit for the third year.
All External HDDs are warranted for 2 years.
All Enterprise
 are warranted 100% for 2 years, declined credit to 50% for the third year, declined credit to 25% for the fourth year and declined credit to 10% for the fifth year.

All TOSHIBA USB Flash Drives are warranted for 5 years.
All TOSHIBA Internal HDDs are warranted for 2 years.
All TOSHIBA External HDDs are warranted for 2 years. 


Internal Blue HDDs are  warranted 100% for 2 years.
Internal Red - Purple HDDs are warranted 100% for 1 year, declined credit to 75% for the second year and declined credit to 50% for the third year.
Internal Black - Ultrastar HDDs are warranted 100% for 1 year, declined credit to 75% for the second year, declined credit to 50% for the third year, declined credit to 25% for the forth year and declined credit to 10% for the fifth year. 
All External HDDs are warranted 100% for 1 year, declined credit to 75% for the second year and declined credit to 50% for the third year.