About us :

  • ECS Distribution was founded in 1995 with a clear objective to be the best IT Distribution partner in Egypt.
  • Since its inception, ECS Distribution had taken great milestones and introduced thousands of products to the Egyptian IT market towards achieving this objective, with a strong and successful relationship with both its customers and vendors.
  • ECS Distribution distributes computers to system integrators, corporate resellers and retailers, the company and its subsidiaries serve its customers all over Egypt.
  • In Egypt, ECS Distribution is presented by two main offices in Cairo and Alexandria, the company also has a logistics office in Dubai, for more responsive operations to guarantee the fastest delivery possible for its customers.
  • The company has always enjoyed a great reputation in terms of quality of services, customers relations and wide coverage all over Egypt
  • In 2014, ECS Distribution started its own online store, to serve its wide customer base directly, promising to provide them the best IT online shopping experience in Egypt